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Make-Up for your Movie


Get your films color corrected – remotely and quickly. Starting at 1 EUR / USD per clip. See Pricing.


“Thanks for the work on episode 1, great job in the post.
We are very happy with the result :)”

What’s so great about Color Grading?

Level-Up Your Brand

  • Convey Corporate Identity in pristine quality
  • Exceed Stakeholder expectations

Enhance Focus

  • Create a more pleasantly flowing edit
  • Give viewers clear focus on your content

Look Good Anywhere

  • Maximize your content across devices and platforms
  • Fulfill Broadcast Standards for TV, Netflix and Cinema

Convey Emotion

  • Make feelings tangible through color psychology
  • Make the most of your cinematography

Find Beauty

  • Make the most of your cinematography
  • Let colors and skin tones shine

Crystal Clear Focus

  • Create a more pleasant flow for your edit, by making images easy to read for the eye.
  • Give viewers clear focus on your content to create a naturally tangible storytelling experience.

Sit Back and let us Grade

  • Simply upload your footage
  • and get it back color graded!

That’s about as hands-off as it gets.

Broadcast Ready

  • Pass any QC with legal and flying colors
  • For Online, TV, Netflix, or Cinema

How Does Isy Color Grading Work?

1. Get Instant Estimate

  • You let us know duration, quality and deadline for delivery,
  • We automatically estimate the price for your finished grade.

2. Send us your Video

  • You send us a download link, and make a reservation payment.
  • We reserve your timeslot and artist, and start your color grade.

3. Receive Color Graded Video

  • We will send your footage.
  • You pay only the exact number of final shots.

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What do I get?

Quality is the magic ingredient when dealing with something as intangible as color.

Discover our recipe for quality and reliability below.

Senior Colorists

Work with international colorists who love their job.

Fast Service

Streamlined file-management and fibre-fast servers get you the quickest turn-arounds when it counts.

Netflix Hardware

Top notch color grading studios equipped with Netflix-approved hardware. HDR is Dolby Vision certified.

Trusted Safety

Projects of any confidentiality level are in safe hands with us. As confirmed by Trusted Partner Network.

What to Expect from Color Grading?

  • A more pleasant viewing experience
  • Increased believability of your story
  • Deeper emotional impact

What NOT to Expect from Color Grading?

  • It won’t fix compression artefacts (see comparison image below), incorrect interlacing, and other file-handling errors.
  • It won’t fix wrong exposure, e.g. burnt-out, fully-white skies will not be replaced with blue skies and clouds.
  • It won’t replace logos, remove wires, blur faces or do any other work commonly considered to be visual effects.

But! You are welcome to book improvements to any of the above issues with us.
We are happy to help you deliver the best quality images possible.

That Said, We'll Still fix iPhone Footage

It’s not always possible to pick the best cameras. We’ll still strive to bring our viewers joy. Regardless of the challenging circumstances.

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THANK YOU VERY MUCH! It’s been a pleasure working with you and can’t wait for the next time 😊


Thank you for your great work on the Highlight, the piece was well balanced and the colours looked great! Hope you had fun with it.


Thanks for the work on episode 1, you and your team has done a great job in the post. We are very happy with the result 🙂


Die Color ist der Hammer!


Das Grading sieht wirklich fantastisch aus!! Gratuliere! Ich finde es total schön, wie sich das Orange der ersten Protagonistin gegen das Blau im Himmel absetzt! Auch die Schnee-Bilder sind fantastisch! Auch die seitliche Ansicht so gut hinbekommen. Ich weiß, dass die überhaupt nicht einfach war. Nochmal danke für die super Arbeit!


Super exakte Arbeit bei einigen grenzwertigen Bilder und Lichtstimmungen! Sehr, sehr toll! Danke!!!

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